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How to Get Started with Customer Acquisition?

How to Get Started with Customer Acquisition?

For advisors, wealth managers, banks and other financial professionals.

When you start your computer first thing Monday morning, a pop-up notification jumps up. Ping! It reads “1. To Do - Acquisition", and instantly a feeling of discomfort begins to grow, making you turn away, you get yourself a cup of coffee first instead.

Could this scene be taken from your daily life? What do you think about acquisition?

A lot of people get uncomfortable when they have to start thinking about how they are going to increase their assets under management or how to generate more revenue from their clientele. Others will work more or less without a plan – overwhelmed by the motto “the more the better” and thus falling into the trap of inefficient action.

As a financial advisor, you are always focused on growing your business while managing your existing clients’ needs and wants. But ask yourself: are you really ready for this?

The financial services industry has been slow to adapt to modern digital practices. Things have changed, however. Recent regulatory frameworks and innovative growth in the fintech space have enabled the use of powerful technologies and other mediums that can now help you attract more prospects while keeping your existing clients engaged.

Do you know what a game like Fortnite, with 250 million players has to do with your banking clients? Or that Up-selling is 20 times more successful than Cross-selling? Or even, what ideas can you use in your daily work from way Amazon and Google work?

To get you started, we’ll introduce Customer Acquisition as the central topic, showing the importance of thinking in terms of customer experience, as well as other known subjects like customer support, data-driven knowledge, new trends and techniques in social media and digital marketing, bringing you surprising parallels and interactions from your customers’ behavior and expectations.

Above all, it’s important to demystify the customer acquisition process and its opportunities.

To do this, we have divided this large topic into a series of articles, with vivid examples of best practices and hands-on techniques that are easy and quick to implement, so that you can successfully climb the north face of “Customer Acquisition”.

The Right Mindset for a Successful Acquisition

Customer Segmentation to Grow Revenue

Understand Your Customers: Personality Types (and How to Communicate with Them)

The True Cost of Acquisition

Acquisition in the Age of CRM, Social Media and Gamification

Here we go!

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