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Data Security - the data vault at DATEV

At wealthpilot, your data security is our top priority!
All your customers' assets are stored in a high-security data center, at DATEV.

The servers are secured through state-of-the-art technology and data is stored in encrypted form, making it illegible to all parties. The data is also transmitted in encrypted form between the server and its browser. The sovereignty over the data always lies with your client.

We host at DATEV

Data Security Experts

Our data security expert Christof Dallermassl ensures that we maintain this level of security at all times. He is one of the world's most sought-after experts in this field and is a highly experienced in batteling Cybercrime. Christof lectures at various European institutions on Data Security and Cybercrime.

  • Security Client Financial Advisor
    • Sensitive data is transmitted encrypted and stored
    • Unauthorized use of customer data excluded
  • Security Database Data vault at DATEV
    • ISO-27001 certified banking data center
    • Your data is encrypted and secured by certificate pinning
  • Security Smartphone End User's Data Sovereignty
    • The data sovereignty lies exclusively with you as an end user
    • Make assets visible to your advisor via one-click
  • Server

    Hosting at DATEV

    ISO-27001 certified high security data center

    Data is encrypted and "salted" on server

  • Interfaces

    All data transfers takes place exclusively in encrypted form (HTTPS) (data in transfer)

    Additionally secured by certificate pinning

  • Client

    State-of-the-art client technology secures your data during transfer

    Sensitive (Access-) data is never sent to the client 

  • Data Sovereignty

    All data authorization remains with the end user

    No unauthorized use of user data by wealthpilot

  • Hacker Protection

    Key to decrypt the database is in a separate system

    Modular software architecture and security frameworks guarantee a very high security standard, against hackers' attacks

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