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Increase Assets under Management from existing clients

€ 1,49 M Ø increase
of Liquid Assets1 per Advisor
3 Months
€ 2,27 M Ø increase
of Liquid Assets1 per Advisor
6 Months
Up to >€ 17 M Ø increase
of Liquid Assets1 per Advisor
12 - 18 Months
1 Liquid Assets are additional bank accounts or stock portfolios of financial advisors’ customers, which are uploaded by end users via wealthpilot mobile or web app. Source: wealthpilot 21.12.2018.

Increased trust = Increased Assets under Management

Financial advisory is communication.

With wealthpilot you enter into a more intensive and interactive exchange with your clients.
This strengthens your role as a main confidant.

Intuitive graphics provide a better understanding of return and risk, and motivate your clients to have more assets managed by you and to invest in the capital market.

With a clear overview of their current asset situation and a digitally supported advisory process, you create the basis for advice that is fun and far exceeds the expectations of your customers. And that, will turn them into fans.

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See for yourself the added value of bionic advisory with wealthpilot.

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