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New Customer Acquisition Bionic Advisory with Hansen & Heinrich AG

For Hansen & Heinrich in Berlin, the hybrid approach is a decisive factor for a successful client relationship support.

Founder & CEO Timon Heinrich and his team speak about their experience with wealthpilot, in their first half year. They are using wealthpilot for new clients acquisition but also, to improve and support existing customers services. The enthusiasm for new digital support in personal advisory is ageless - for advisors and their clients. With wealthpilot, as Timon Heinrich says "the potential present in every advisor is more easily recognized".

Hansen & Heinrich AG

Timon Heinrich | Founder

Dennis Thunig | Advisor (Digitization)

Stephan Exler | Financial Advisor (CFP, CFEP)

Ilka Heinrich | Customer Support (Private Secretary)



Speaker: Timon Heinrich

In my opinion, traditional asset management or investment advice is optimally supported by a Software, as a Service tool, like this.

I am Timon Heinrich, CEO and founder of Hansen and Heinrich AG, a leading bank-independent wealth management firm, in Berlin.

From the beginning, we managed to be profitable, always growing without leverage, so we were and still are truly independent in this respect as well. No one can persuade us. We can listen to what our clients need.


Why did Hansen und Heinrich decide to go with wealthpilot?


We decided to use wealthpilot in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, as well as to provide a tangible added value to our clients. So, I see considerable potential, independent of the individual advisors in our team, to deliver high quality advice, as a standard for our firm. I see the opportunity also to actively advertise this, because not everyone can offer a unified, high standard advice at this level.


Speaker: Dennis Thunig

Since 2017, for Hansen and Heinrich, the subject of digitalization has taken on an ever-greater meaning in our corporate strategy. This is because the management has noticed that the clients and the interests are changing.


Speaker: Stephan Exler

We are basically very conservative in our investments. We want to preserve values and assets, that is our motto which is highly appreciated by our clients, but in form of digitization, we are already very modern, more state of the art.

It is simply a necessity for us now, to offer this to our clients, and not many can offer the quality that wealthpilot offers. We just want to be pioneers here, we want to be ahead of the banks, for the sake of our clients and of course, to advance our business. I see a very big opportunity here.


What are the advantages of bionic advisory through wealthpilot?


With wealthpilot, I believe there is an excellent opportunity to depict the client’s situation holistically. To see all the client’s assets that he may not have seen on screen before, neither has his asset manager. Maybe also the Depots he manages elsewhere. And when clients open up, much like a financial doctor; once you have all the data and the assets have been consolidated, you can easily draw much more meaningful conclusions for the client’s benefit.


Speaker: Dennis Thunig

Acquiring information has become much easier with wealthpilot because a barrier has been removed. The client has the opportunity to use the program himself. And over the years, during the consultations, when the customer engagement has been going now for a while, the client may have one or two questions about other assets, other banks, other asset managers. And then, the barrier to submit documents has also been removed, since it’s maintained within the software. Clients only need to make us aware, with a push of a button.


Speaker: Timon Heinrich

To those who are just getting to know us now, either with a Depot or other topics related to their pensions or properties, we can now tell them, that with a tool like wealthpilot, we can do more. Particularly through our use of a tool like wealthpilot. We have the chance to point out this in our conversations. And even, if the client doesn’t want to integrate everything at once, we can still work towards a conversation that at least gives us insight. If you can see at a glance, how the whole picture works together, both the client and the advisor gain peace and tranquillity.


How does wealthpilot supports you in being more productivity in your daily work?


Speaker: Stephan Exler

wealthpilot also helps us to be prepared quite quickly for our clients’ meetings. No more lengthy Excel spreadsheets or big presentations to combine the client's data together. We have everything ready intuitive and effortlessly to talk with our clients.


Speaker: Dennis Thunig

And so, it saves time for me. It's also easier to keep track of the client’s holistic overview.


Speaker: Ilka Heinrich

I see a particular advantage in actively using wealthpilot. At a glance, we have all Depot structures together and I don’t have to look in folders or run Excel lists in parallel, instead we have it all together.

In addition, it is very well suited to accommodate such large entities like real estate assets and entrepreneurial involvement.


What has been your experience working with wealthpilot?


Speaker: Timon Heinrich

It is very important to me that we are fast, I didn't want to watch for three years what was happening in the market. I wanted to try a tool that I had a good impression on.


Speaker: Stephan Exler

It is a very fruitful collaboration. And what it’s very positive is that there is always a contact person, if there is a problem or a question, you can pick up the phone, and it works. This is very pleasing, that you are supported all time.


How intuitive is wealthpilot usability for you and your clients?


The process and knowledge of wealthpilot is very easy and intuitive, even for me, which I’m not that technically active. It's easy to start and get the basic data of a client.


Speaker: Dennis Thunig

And the clients generally have only a few questions. If we do get some feedback from them, it is usually to hear that they are completely satisfied.


Speaker: Timon Heinrich

After the first six months of using wealthpilot, we can say our experience has been very positive.

One of the biggest concerns within the financial advisors’ community is that, by using an online tool, personal advice will become less important. In my opinion, the opposite happens. Because the potential present in every single advisor is more easily recognized. 

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