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Increase in AuM Digital Customer Experience with YPOS Vermögensmanagement GmbH

Leverage the digital customer experience for deeper knowledge - a win-win situation for clients and advisors

Christoph Leichtweiß and Marco Metzger of YPOS Vermögensmanagement GmbH talk about on how wealthpilot helps them gain insight into the assets of their clients, which they previously didn't manage. For example, a money market account at the local bank or a self-managed depository. A holistic view of the assets creates a win-win situation - the client benefits from a higher-quality advisory service and is willing to reward it, allowing the advisor to intensify and expand his support.

YPOS Vermögensmanagement GmbH

Christoph Leichtweiß | Managing Director & certified Family Office

Marco Metzger | Managing Director & certified Financial Advisor

Speaker: Christoph Leichtweiss

With wealthpilot we can gain a greater overview of the client's assets. And because we have access to better analytics, we can experience added value on both sides. We've tried to be technically up to date, as far as possible.

We would do online conferences and offer online videos for our clients since as far back as 2007. We recognised, how innovative wealthpilot is. It constitutes an important tool to consolidate accounts, held in banks across the board. It also allows us to maintain our autonomy.


Speaker: Marco Metzger

Our clientele ranges from family offices to private investors. This has the advantage for the private investors, that we provide appropriate services and standards, often reserved for institutional investors only.


Speaker: Christoph Leichtweiss

wealthpilot helps us to increase our assets under management and our consultation scope because it allows easy access to the client’s assets. The client himself experiences the advantage of seeing all the assets consolidated in one place. For us, this consolidation offers the opportunity to make this data and analysis an added tangible value, comprehensible to the client as well. And of course, this can be compensated accordingly in the form of fee.

The biggest problem we have is that investors today get the same marketing messages, from every bank and every financial service provider. For us, it’s important that clients have the opportunity to stay with their existing bank, via wealthpilot. Simultaneously, they can use our services, so that we can get started, in our consulting world, with real practice, and not be over reliant on marketing messages and brochures.


Speaker: Marco Metzger

The client does not necessarily have to move their deposits and assets to us, but he can keep them at the bank of their choice. We have just won a new client, who was previously looked after at their local bank, where they had stored the deposit account.

It’s a big advantage for us that we can view the customer data daily and make it available to him as well, generating thus consistent positive digital experience. We then took over the advice based on a consulting agreement.

wealthpilot is basically self-explanatory. You will find the data where you suspect that it would be. The platform is very easy to handle, from a consultant's perspective, as well as from the client's point of view. It should be clear to everyone, no matter if they are particularly technically expert or not.

Although, wealthpilot provides a very innovative software solution that supports you in your daily work-life, it’s also designed to promote a lively collaboration experience. In other words, wealthpilot help us develop our digital presence for the future and our business model. There is a very open exchange here, and we have great fun in working together.

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