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Productivity Intuitive Reporting & Time Saving by Gerd Kommer Invest GmbH

Providing unique reporting & customer experience, at the touch of a button - so advisors gain more time for what matters most, their clients.

Dr. Gerd Kommer and Alexander Weis create individual and unique reports, intuitively and effortlessly, by using wealthpilot. And so, their clients receive a personalized customer experience. The replacement of manual processes, Excel solutions or obsolete software through wealthpilot allows advisors big time savings, meaning more time for the most important part - conversation with their clients.

Gerd Kommer Invest GmbH

Dr. Gerd Kommer | Managing Director

Alexander Weis | Financial Advisor


Speaker: Dr. Gerd Kommer

Standard reporting is not going away, we always come back to it, it covers all the basics. wealthpilot gives us the opportunity to go beyond this standard.

We are Gerd Kommer Invest GmbH, an asset management and consulting firm based in Munich. We advise wealthy private clients and small businesses about their pensions and foundations, among others.

In what way do you use wealthpilot?

We have integrated wealthpilot as a specific service in our mandate agreement, which of course, like any mandate agreement, has a catalogue of services within.

The topic of reporting is consistently relevant, we work with deposit banks and online brokers. For some of our clients, the reporting that the depot banks offer, simply does not deliver enough. Our clients want something better, something more beautiful, intuitive and user friendly. In the past, we used Excel solutions, some of them were standardised, others were put together ad hoc for a client, with specific requirements – all this can be automated through a clever solution like wealthpilot, which is comparatively economical, regarding to other solutions that cover standardisation and structuring.

Why do you use wealthpilot at the Gerd Kommer Invest GmbH?

I cannot emphasise enough that standardisation and structuring are extremely important success factors to us. wealthpilot has played an important role in providing a consistent and high-quality investment experience. Since we implemented wealthpilot, we can offer this consistency together with a pleasant customer experience.

Speaker: Alexander Weis

So far, I have typed in a lot of data in Excel, which has thankfully changed now. I can simply import the entire wealth situation of our clients into wealthpilot at the touch of a button. One would expect a financial software to be relatively complicated to use. However, wealthpilot is different. The software is completely intuitive and easy to use. In my view, the biggest benefit of wealthpilot is that I now have more time for my clients.

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