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  • What is the current coverage of the banks available via "Multibanking"?

    Availability is around 97% of the German and Austrian banks.

  • What is the ratio of accounts/custody accounts, the accounts / depots read in via "multibanking" or via a core bank connection in wealthpilot?

    Around two thirds of liquid assets are read in via multibanking from external banks

  • Is there a survey on how much information the end customer (= client) makes available for the advisor?

    Yes, around 90% of the assets that the end customer enters into wealthpilot by themselves are released to the consultant for review.

  • Are there any overlaps with portfolio management systems?

    No, since the consulting process presented in wealthpilot operates at asset class level and not at individual stock level. The implementation of an asset optimization proposal from wealthpilot therefore finds its natural continuation in an investment proposal with individual securities (or VV) drawn up from an external program solution.

  • How long does it take for wealthpilot to be ready to use?

    Around 36 hours, as bank connections via "multibanking" are already present

  • Have the audit processes in banks been successfully completed?

    Yes, the "NPP" has been passed successfully on several occasions

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